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Welcome to the challenge of Recreational Mathematics.

U-can-do Numeric and Logic Puzzles have been designed to give your brain a workout that’s satisfying and rewarding!  The puzzles range in degrees of difficulty; some require a knowledge of basic algebra but mainly call for logic and arithmetical skills.

It is now well known that regular brain exercise can be as beneficial for the mind as physical exercise is for the body.

For the young, working through these puzzles can help to develop logical and strategical thinking. It can expand the power of your mind and promote higher creativity by stimulating left brain function.

For the older puzzler, they provide mental exercise which is recommended by the medical profession to prolong brain activity and slow memory deterioration.

For the ‘in-betweeners’ or whichever group you fall into, you will find that the puzzles are beneficial, and provide hours of challenge and enjoyment. Put your thinking cap on and enjoy some leisure moments with the example brain teasers and of course, the ‘monthly’ maths challenge page.

Try the examples on the right. Not sure how to tackle them?  Some have hints and walk-throughs to get you started.