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Gordon Burgin’s keen interest in mathematics led him to study Electrical Engineering at the University of Buffalo, NY, USA. His analytical skills were honed by his career in this field. In his spare time, he also taught System Analysis and Mathematics at junior college level in California. Upon retiring in England, he tutored in maths & science at the American High School at RAF Lakenheath, working in the very successful AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) programme, which is designed to assist underachieving students to reach university entrance level of education.

There he recognised the benefit of both mathematical puzzles and logic problems as an important learning and education tool. Consequently he began to develop his own maths puzzles for training purposes and leisure entertainment.

The collection of puzzles available in his books and on this website are designed, not only to help younger people develop their basic analytical skills required to progress through school and life, but also to provide a challenge for the older ‘puzzler’ who want to remain mentally fit.

In addition to the puzzles included in the books, further adaptations have been created to support learning on a wider variety of mathematical disciplines. Examples are shown in the menu on the right. Also, a new maths challenge is provided monthly (access above) which include a variety of my puzzles and logic problems. If you would like a satisfying challenge, please give them a try