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In the following ARITH-maze puzzle, go to ‘START’ and proceed through this numerical maze, following instructions as provided, until you get to the ‘FINISH’ box. What number did you finish with?




There are more than one way of doing these puzzles and may well be more than one answer.  Please let me and others know what alternatives you find by commenting below.  We also welcome general comments on the subject and any feedback you'd like to give.

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Last month's solutions
  1. 25 drag racers come to the track to determine the top 3 cars by speed.
    Unhappily all the timing mechanisms are broken, so the races must be determined, head-to-head. Now the track has 5 lanes, and so 5 cars can race at a time. The question is what is the minimum number of races to determine the top 3 drag racers?



  1. What is the distance from town A to town G, if town A is eleven miles north of town B, town B is eight miles east of town C, town D is seven miles south of town C, town E is five miles west of town D, town F is three miles north of town E and town F is seven miles east of town G?


Distance between Towns A and G:

North to South miles = 11 + 7 – 3 = 15 and
East to West miles = 8 + 5 + 7 = 20

Thus, (A to G)² = (15)² + (20)² = 225 + 400 = 625

Therefore, the distance between Towns A and G = √625 = 25 miles

  1. Two types of tickets were sold for a concert held at an amphitheater. Tickets to sit on a bench during the concert cost £75 each, and tickets to sit on the lawn during the concert cost £40 each. Organizers of the concert announced that 350 tickets had been sold and that £19,250 had been raised through ticket sales alone. What number of tickets were sold for the concert’s bench seats (B), and for the lawn seats, (L)?


Given: B + L = 350 or L = 350 – B or B = 350 – L

and: B (75) + L (40) = 19,250

Then, B (75) + (350 – B) (40) = 19,250

75B + 14,000 – 40B = 19,250

                              35B = 19,250 – 14,000 = 5,250

                                   B = 5,250 / 35 = 150 bench tickets sold and

                 L = 350 – B = 350 – 150 = 200 lawn tickets sold

  1. A dress on sale in a shop is marked at £65. During the discount sale its price is reduced by 15%. Staff are allowed a further 10% reduction on the discounted price. If a staff member buys the dress what will she have to pay?


Let x = staff member’s cost

Therefore, x = (£65 * 0.85) * 0.9 = £49.73


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